Primary Spelling Online came about when our daughter was struggling with spelling at her local primary school.

Trying to find a simple website in UK English that allowed her to practise and improve her spelling was impossible.

These online tests are designed to be simple and effective - taking the pain and frustration out of learning to spell.


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Spelling Progress

Starting with a test for their school year (spelling level), your child can then choose a written, multiple choice or mixed style of test.

The tests are designed to be short and hassle-free with just 5-20 words so that your child doesn't get stressed or overtired.

Every test is targeted at your child's ability, taking account of words they have learnt and word they are struggling with.

As your child learns, their progress is shown clearly in a chart and weekly summary. Click here to see a sample progress chart.

Quality Audio

Quality spoken audio is essential for an online spelling test. We use actual voice recordings rather than text-to-speech software.