I'm a teacher, can I use this at my school?
Yes, of course. Tick the Teacher checkbox at registration and you will get access to the Teacher Zone tab where you can add your pupils.
How do you stop cheating?
The browser back button, copy & pasting, auto-correct and auto-fill have been disabled.
I can't see or play the audio
To play the media you will need to either update your browser to the latest version or update your Flash plugin.
What is this service for?
The aim of Primary Spelling Online is to provide a simple tool for children to improve their spelling with the minimum of parent help.
The online spelling tests cover primary school Key Stage 1 and 2 (ks1 & ks2) from reception to year 6.
Why is my spelling level lower for multiple choice & mixed tests?
Multiple choice is considered easier so your level is reduced by a factor.
I want to do tests by category (-ed, -ing, ee words etc) rather than by year
We are working on adding a category option to the online tests.
The pronunciation of a word isn't clear
We are continually updating our audio. However if a particular word isn't clear, please tell us by email - ben@primaryspellingonline.co.uk
Why do you need to register?
To be able to save your child's test results. Over time our software learns which words your child needs to work on and it will concentrate on these words.
I've found a bug!
If you have found a bug, or have any issues, problems or comments, then please email us at ben@primaryspellingonline.co.uk